A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Ludum dare 34 game. Theme was a tie between growing and two button controls, I chose growing.

A game where you grow plants from hell, and slowly transform the level. Destroy enemies and collect their souls to craft seeds and bullets.

Jump above the center of the level to reverse gravity.

On the top left you can see, from left to right:
fruits(score), souls, seeds, bullets.

A S D or cursor keys to move
space - jump
left mouse button - shoot towards the cursor
shift - plant seed (1 plant per platform)
Q - transmute souls into bullets (1 soul -> 5 bullets)
E - transmute souls into seeds (5 souls -> 1 seed)

The game has no sound :(


GrowingHell_Win64.rar 30 MB
GrowingHell_Win32.rar 30 MB
GrowingHell_Mac.app.zip 24 MB
GrowingHell_Linux.zip 25 MB

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